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Rock Band Network - RBN Sync Project

Message par RynuX Slater le Sam 3 Avr - 22:22

Rock Band Network - Syncing Project

195/210 chansons

Chanson --> Sans étoile, mp3 de bonne qualité
*Chanson* --> La chanson a les pistes audio séparés
***Chanson --> La chanson a la piste audio provenant de youtube

April 2010

03-04-2010 (105 chansons)
3 Inches of Blood - Battles and Brotherhood
***Alias Unknown - Top Back
Amberian Dawn - He Sleeps in a Grove
Amberian Dawn - River of Tuoni
Andrew Buch - Trippolette
Audio Fiction - Race The Hourglass
Bif Naked - Sick
Blackmarket - Tongue Twister Typo
Bojibian - Still There
C&O - We Are the Best
Chaunce DeLeon and The Fountain of Choof - Tadpole Search and Rescue
Children of Nova - The Complexity of Light
Color Theory - If Not Now When
Dear and the Headlights - Talk About
Despised Icon - Day of Mourning
DnA's Evolution - The Heist
Error 404 feat. CJ Watson - If Trucks Drank Beer
Fake Shark-Real Zombie! - Angel Lust
Fake Shark-Real Zombie! - Horses in Heaven
Fake Shark-Real Zombie! - Running for the Razors
Fake Shark-Real Zombie! - Sestri Levante
Five Finger Death Punch - Burn it Down
***Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies (Live)
Flogging Molly - Requiem for a Dying Song
***Foreword - Watch It All Go Down
Free Spirit - Far Away from Heaven
Full-Source - End Quote
Full-Source - It's Not You, It's Everyone
Full-Source - Red Sky At Morn
Furly - Icarus' Song
Gandhi - Arigato
Giant Target - In Memories
Giant Target - Signs
Glass Hammer - Hyperbole
Glass Hammer - Sleep On
***Heaven Ablaze - Parhelia
In This Moment - Mechanical Love
James William Roy - Paper Valentines
*Jonathan Coulton - Creepy Doll*
*Jonathan Coulton - Ikea*
*Jonathan Coulton - The Future Soon*
KMFDM - A Drug Against War
KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel
Kristin Hersh - Fortune
Kristin Hersh - Mississippi Kite
Lacuna Coil - Survive
***Lead the Dead - Rip'er
Longwave - No Direction
Marillion - Whatever Is Wrong With You
***Matter in the Medium - Persistence of Vision
MC Frontalot - Goth Girls
Nick Gallant - Inside Out
Nick Gallant - Turn Yourself Around
Of Last Resort - Fade Away
Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
Pink Flag - Nancy Drew
Ron Wasserman - Fight Back
Rose of Jericho - Buried Cold (courtesy of blinker34)
Scratching The Itch - Lemon Juice
Scratching The Itch - The Buddy Disease (courtesy of blinker34)
Scratching The Itch - You're My Everything (courtesy of blinker34)
Senses Fail - Lady in a Blue Dress (courtesy of blinker34)
Skeletonwitch - Crushed Beyond Dust (courtesy of blinker34)
Skindred - Stand for Something (courtesy of blinker34)
Speck - Grumpytown (courtesy of blinker34)
Speck - VP of Booty Reports (courtesy of blinker34)
Stars of Boulevard - Limousine (courtesy of blinker34)
Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess - Can I Stay (courtesy of blinker34)
Steve and Lindley Band - Backyard Buildyard (courtesy of blinker34)
Steve Vai - For the Love of God (Live) (courtesy of blinker34)
Steve Vai - Get the Hell Out of Here (courtesy of blinker34 and Syfatalityz)
***Steve Vai - The Attitude Song (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
Stroke 9 - Kick Some Ass '09 (courtesy of blinker34)
Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack '09 (courtesy of blinker34)
Suicide Silence - Disengage (courtesy of blinker34)
Surprise Me Mr. Davis - Sissyfuss (courtesy of blinker34)
The Cold Goodnight - Give (courtesy of blinker34)
The Dirty Love Band - Moonboy (courtesy of blinker34)
The Everybody - You Got That (courtesy of blinker34)
The Fisticuffs - Liverpool Judies
The Hold Steady - Sequestered in Memphis
The Humans - It's Good
The Kimberly Trip - California (courtesy of blinker34)
The Main Drag - Cease and Desist
The Main Drag - Don't Let Me Down (Slowly)
The Main Drag - Dove Nets
The Main Drag - Homosuperior
The Main Drag - How We'd Look On Paper (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Main Drag - Love During Wartime (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Main Drag - Megatron (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Main Drag - Talk Them Down (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Main Drag - Teeth, Face, Outerspace (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Main Drag - Tricky Girl (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Main Drag - What's Your Favorite Dinosaur? (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Shins - Australia (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Slip - Children of December (courtesy of blinker34)
***The Slip - Even Rats (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
Ultra Saturday - Not My Fault (courtesy of blinker34)
Ultra Saturday - Superhero! (courtesy of blinker34)
WaveGroup Feat. Becca Neun - Liquid Smog (StompBox Remix)
Wounded Soul - Rx (courtesy of blinker34)
You Shriek - Lilith in Libra (courtesy of blinker34)
You Shriek - No Heroes (courtesy of blinker34)
Zack Wilson - Another California Song (courtesy of blinker34)
Zack Wilson - Ox

03-05-2010 (11 Songs)
Alchemilla - Bleeder (courtesy of blinker34)
Ballyhoo! - Cali Girl (courtesy of blinker34)
Bang Camaro - Push Push (Lady Lightning) (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
Cetan Clawson and the Soul Side - White Heat (courtesy of blinker34)
Eric Harm - Stegosaurus Song (courtesy of blinker34)
*Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey* (courtesy of blinker34)
Pollyn - Gave It Up (courtesy of blinker34)
Super Gravity - Makeup/Breakup (Original Version) (courtesy of blinker34)
Terrorhorse - Packet Flier (courtesy of blinker34)
***The B.O.L.T. - Genius (courtesy of blinker34)
Voodoo Pharmacology - Minnesota (courtesy of blinker34)

03-06-2010 (4 chansons)
Flight of the Conchords - Demon Woman (courtesy of blinker34)
The Shins - So Says I (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
Uniform Motion - Roll Over (courtesy of blinker34)
Winds of Plague - Approach the Podium (courtesy of blinker34)

03-07-2010 (2 chansons)
James William Roy - Shiny Dark Bar (courtesy of blinker34)
The Carsitters - Push Me (courtesy of blinker34)

03-08-2010 (3 chansons]
Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly (courtesy of blinker34)
Between the Buried and Me - Mordecai
Mark Mallman - Do You Feel Like Breaking Up? (courtesy of blinker34)

[u]03-09-2010 (8 chansons)

***Broadcast - Love And The Triumph Of (courtesy of blinker34)
Cate Sparks - Whatever Happened To You (courtesy of blinker34)
Flight of the Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
Quartered - Africa (courtesy of blinker34)
The Main Drag - Car Windows (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Nebraska Sailing Authority - Second Best Friend
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Descend Into the Eternal Pits of Possession (courtesy of blinker34)
Warpath - Life Unworthy of Life (courtesy of blinker34)

03-10-2010 (2 chansons)
Eulogies - Day to Day (courtesy of blinker34)
Mindflow - Destructive Device (courtesy of blinker34)

03-11-2010 (3 chansons)
***Analogue Revolution feat. First Be - What a Trip (courtesy of blinker34)
World Minus One - Still Alive (courtesy of blinker34)
***Zack Wilson - Moonshine Hollar (courtesy of DesertDiamond)

03-12-2010 (1 chanson)
Hyro da Hero - Dirty South Rock (courtesy of blinker34)

03-13-2010 (1 chanson)
Midnight Riders - One Bad Man (courtesy of DesertDiamond)

03-14-2010 (8 chansons)
Clutch - The Mob Goes Wild (courtesy of blinker34)
megaphone - My Favorite New Disaster (courtesy of blinker34)
Oliver Pride - Nothing There (courtesy of blinker34)
Sea Wolf - You're a Wolf (courtesy of blinker34)
Solarcade - Rise (courtesy of blinker34)
Texas in July - Elements (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Word Alive - Battle Royale (courtesy of blinker34)
Universal Hall Pass - Dragonfly (Symbion Project Remix)

03-15-2010 (2 chansons)
Clutch - 50,000 Unstoppable Watts (courtesy of blinker34)
Unearth - We Are Not Anonymous (courtesy of blinker34)

03-16-2010 (5 chansons)
A Day to Remember - I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
Flight of the Conchords - Business Time
Midnight Riders - Midnight Ride
The Cliks - Dirty King
*Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life '09*

03-17-2010 (4 chansons)
All That Remains - Days Without (courtesy of blinker34)
Demon Hunter - Collapsing (courtesy of blinker34)
Drowning Pool - Bodies (courtesy of blinker34)
MxPx - One Step Further (courtesy of blinker34)

03-18-2010 (8 chansons)
Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am (courtesy of blinker34)
Carl Douglas - Too Hot To Handle (courtesy of blinker34)
Circus Circus - First We Feast, Then We Felony (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
Edge - Unter Water I Drown (courtesy of blinker34)
Joe Sibol - Hot Sexy Girls (courtesy of blinker34)
Seether - Remedy (courtesy of blinker34)
Stewart - Dance With Me (courtesy of blinker34)
The Stills - Being Here (courtesy of blinker34)

03-19-2010 (4 chansons)
Kid Beyond - I'm Alive (courtesy of blinker34)
The Apples in Stereo - Energy (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
The Bronx - Past Lives (courtesy of blinker34)
The Main Drag - Taking Apart a Gigantic Machine (courtesy of DesertDiamond)

03-20-2010 (6 chansons)
Aiden - Scavengers of the Damned (courtesy of blinker34)
***Cory Wong - Upstream (courtesy of blinker34)
Damone - Roll The Dice (courtesy of blinker34)
Kristin Dare - Anything (courtesy of blinker34)
Let's Get It - Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad) (courtesy of blinker34)
megaphone - Gravitate (courtesy of DesertDiamond)

03-21-2010 (2 chansons)
***Josh Freese - I Don't Think That's Ok (courtesy of blinker34)
Texas in July - Hook, Line and Sinner (courtesy of DesertDiamond)

03-22-2010 (3 chansons)
megaphone - Not Your Enemy (courtesy of DesertDiamond)
Mile Marker Zero - A Thousand Nights (courtesy of blinker34)
Parry Gripp - The Girl at the Video Game Store (courtesy of blinker34)

03-23-2010 (4 chansons)
Symbion Project - Synthesized
The Bouncing Souls - Gasoline
There For Tomorrow - A Little Faster
Tijuna Sweetheart - Trash Candy

03-25-2010 (4 chansons)
Big Square - Burn (courtesy of blinker34)
Mayday Parade - When I Get Home, You're So Dead (courtesy of blinker34)
Moving Picture Show - Perfect World (courtesy of blinker34)
Sybreed - Doomsday Party

03-26-2010 (1 chanson)
and the Sons of Disaster - Step Up (I'm On It)

03-27-2010 (1 chanson)
Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go '09

03-29-2010 (2 chansons)
Order of the Crimson Wizard - Scream Ceremony
White Line All Stars - Unstoppable

03-30-2010 (2 chansons)
Andy Kirk - Love is the Only Thing
Modern Skirts - Eveready

03-31-2010 (3 chansons)
Jonathan Lee - Sound of the Redeemed
Minnesota Sex Junkies - Burning Rome
The Bronx - Young Bloods

Chansons trouvées sur le Xbox MarketPlace mais pas encore disponible sur le RBN
Bill Bruford's Earthworks - Footloose and Fancy Free
Blondie - Atomic
Modern Skirts - Eveready
Ron Wasserman - Revengers
Silverstein - American Dream
The Reverend Horton Heat - Indigo Friends
***Test Case And The Ignorables - HMX Test - Please Ignore (In English)
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
RynuX Slater
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Re: Rock Band Network - RBN Sync Project

Message par Crumaga / Slash le Mar 6 Avr - 17:54

Merki =)


Rock Band : Slash : Coming Soon ...

La ville du forum ! :
faites un don pour un rachat du forum :
Merci !
Crumaga / Slash
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Re: Rock Band Network - RBN Sync Project

Message par LucaBSwist le Mar 13 Avr - 11:38

Merci mais dis, est-qu'il y aura des packs, parce que là jai pas trop le courage des les DL une par une ^^
Maître de la gratte
Maître de la gratte

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Re: Rock Band Network - RBN Sync Project

Message par infernalmessage le Mer 8 Sep - 19:19

Voici la liste des liens encore fonctionnel :

Blondie - Atomic
Error 404 feat CJ Watson
KMFDM - A Drug Against War
KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel (pas certain, y a un probleme avec media fire)
Lacuna Coil - Survive
Marillion - Whatever Is Wrong With You
Modern Skirts - Eveready
Silverstein - American Dream
The Cold Goodnight - Give
The Reverend Horton Heat - Indigo Friends
The Shins - So Says I

Je sais qu'il n'y aura pas de réédition de tout ce qui est Rock Band. Mais, je me suis dit qu'une telle liste pouvait éviter le désagrément de tout essayer les liens qui ne fonctionne pas.


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Re: Rock Band Network - RBN Sync Project

Message par takeshisan le Mer 8 Sep - 22:33

cool sympa d'avoir tout essayé Monsieur RB lol
il reste plus grand chose dépecher vous de vous gaver tant que vous le pouvez affraid
Jurgen's Rival
Jurgen's Rival

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Re: Rock Band Network - RBN Sync Project

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