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Melonman's Jams

Message par RynuX Slater le Mer 19 Aoû - 18:35

Melonman's Jams

Tier 1 - Mild Jam Session
Mediafire: ?3ow2jznmnwz

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Especially in Mischigan* - Vid
Melonman67 - Joob (Separated audio w/ charts) - Vid
Melonman67 - Sarah's Song (Tyrian Cover)* - Vid
Zakk Wylde - Sold My Soul
Melonman67 - Zagh's OP**
Encore: Motoi Sakuraba - Mission into Deep Space (Star Ocean 3 Version)

Tier 2 - Trip to the Music Store

Mediafire: ?nj32eqmy2ky

Koji Sakurai - Fierce Battle - Vid
Casiopea vs. T-square - Fightman*
Melonman67 - Hoot** - Vid
Melonman67 - Newester (Just a separated guitar track, no bass) - Vid
S.S.H. - Dr. Wiliy Stage 1 (MM2)*
Encore: Molly Hatchet - Fall of the Peacemakers

Tier 3 - Rockin' With the Lights Out

Mediafire: ?cxgefot1kej

S.S.H. - Big Blue (USS Version)*
Melonman67 - Buddydoke (Just a separated guitar track, no bass) - Vid
Melonman67 - Cool Beans*
S.S.H. - The Decisive Battle*
Omnium Gatherum - Into Sea
Encore: Children of Bodom - Silent Night, Bodom Night - Vid

Tier 4 - Party at Mark's Place

Mediafire: ?woymwgnwdwz

Into Eternity - Absolution of the Soul (Originally charted by Xalthos with a little help from me)
Children of Bodom - Children of Decadence*
Apocalyptica - Hall of the Mountain King*
Steve Vai - I'm the Hell Outta Here - Vid
Machinae Supremacy - Sidology Episode 3: Apex Ultima*
Encore: Melonman67 & Zaghurim - Quest for Peace (Tyrian Cover)* - Vid
Final Song : Tiago DellaVega - World Record Guitar Speed 2008 - Vid

Tous les chart sont en Expert uniquement

  • = Rhythm/Bass charting
** = Rhythm/Bass charting et pistes séparés

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