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1Eddy213 carrière (du bon son)

Message par RynuX Slater le Sam 25 Oct - 20:22


-----Tier 1.-----
Barney Theme- Barney
School's Out- Alice Cooper
Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie
Encore Paranoid- Black Sabbath

-----Tier 2.-----
I Love Rock 'N Roll- Joan Jett
Iron Man- Black Sabbath
It's A Long Way To The Top- AC/DC (Hard and Expert Fretted by Puppetz, Rest Fretted By Me)
Encore 3's And 7's- Queens Of The Stone Age

-----Tier 3.-----
Have A Nice Day- Bon Jovi (Fretted By Tyros)
Hold On Loosely- .38 Special
Sharped Dressed Man- ZZ Top
Encore Inside The Fire- Disturbed

-----Tier 4.-----
Are You Gonna Be My Girl?- Jet (GH On Tour version)
Eye of the Tiger- Survivor
Humans Being- Van Halen (Hard and Expert Fretted by Puppetz, Rest Fretted By Me)
Encore You Got Another Thing Comin'- Judas Priest

-----Tier 5.-----
Bad Reputation- Joan Jett
Killer Queen- Queen
Slow Ride- Foghat
Encore One- Metallica

-----Tier 6.-----
Another Brick in The Wall pt. 2- Pink Floyd (Fretted by Alexinatrondx)
Paint it Black- The Rolling Stones
Pleasure (Pleasure)- Bang Comaro
Encore Welcome to The Jungle

-----Tier 7.-----
Saints of Los Angeles- Motley Crue
Smoke on The Water- Deep Purple
Sweet Child 'O Mine- Guns and Roses
Encore Freebird- Lynyrd Skynyrd

-----Bonus Songs.-----
Cat Scratch Fever- Ted Nugent
Master of Puppets- Matallica (Fretted by Puppetz)
Christmas Don't Be Late- Alvin and The Chipmunks (Fretted by Tyros)
Hells Bells- AC/DC (Fretted by Mikszn)
Johnny B. Goode- Johnny G. Goode (Fretted by Puppetz)
Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down
Trogdor- Strong Bad
Welcome to the Jungle (Drums)- Guns N' Roses (From alarianuser by completing the career)
My Iron Lung- Radiohead (From MarvinPA)
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