Drum Project 2!

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Drum Project 2!

Message par takeshisan le Dim 19 Sep - 12:25

Instrument : Drums
Difficulter : Expert , Expert+

les titres des chansons finissant par plus ont l'expert+ avec Midi séparer

Mais avant tout un grand merci a :

mrstuprigge (17)
italianstal1ion (17)
breadache (15)
doomtron (14)
JackDaMaster (13)
homerrulz (12)
Tadracing99 (11)
furiouss (10)
TheLieInKing (6)
Desuvk (5)
Tormann17 (4)



Titles and readme DOWNLOAD: mediafire.com ?wwq95f13ask9h9c

TIER 1 - Drum Calling : MF

Nine Inch Nails - Only
Scorpions - The Zoo
Vanilla ice - Havin' a Roni
MSG - Love is Not A Game
Tera Melos - Frozen Zoo
Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
Say Anything - Hate Everyone
ENCORE. Nine Inch Nails - Into the Void

TIER 2 - Picking Up Sticks : MF

The Beastie Boys - The New Style
The Books - A Cold Freezin' Night
The Dear Hunter - Red Hands
Nine Inch Nails - Piggy
Panic at the Disco - Build God, Then We'll Talk
Lostprophets - DstryrDstryr
Dark Tranquility - Her Silent Language
ENCORE. The Sound of Animals Fighting - Another Leather Lung

TIER 3 - Stick Tricks MF

Arctic Monkeys - You Probably Couldn't See for The Lights But you Were Looking Straight at Me
Silversun Pickups - There's No Secrets This Year
Dream Theater - Overture 1928 PLUS
Apparat - Headup
Biffy Clyro - That Golden Rule
Them Crooked Vultures - Dead End Friends
Portugal. The Man - Sugar Cinnamon
ENCORE. Eyes Set to Kill - Liar in the Glass PLUS

TIER 4 - Bass Bounce : MF

Adebisi Shank - You Shouldnt Be in White
Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs
Godsmack - Saints and Sinners PLUS
The Dead Weather - Are Friends Electric
Mob Rules - Invitation Time
ST-X Ensemble - Xenakis - Rebonds A
Kelpe - Cut it Upwards
ENCORE. Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3

TIER 5 - Four, Four : MF

Dance Gavin Dance - Alex English PLUS
Fear Before - Lycanthropy
Minus The Bear - The Game Needed Me
Smashing Pumpkins - Quiet
Them Crooked Vultures - Elephants
Senses Fail - Ali For Cody
Everything Everything - My Keys, Your Boyfriend
ENCORE. Liquid Tension Experiment - Biaxident

TIER 6 - Open Hi-hat : MF

Native - Ponyboy
Amorphis - Withered
Incubus - Anna Molly
Orbs - A Man Of Science
Foals - Astronauts 'N All
Battles - Ddiamondd
Smashing Pumpkins - Bury Me
ENCORE. Neal Morse - Author of Confusion

TIER 7 - Paradiddle Practice : MF

Sonic Youth - (I Got A) Catholic Block
Blind Guardian - Thorn
Incubus - Follow
Jacobi Wichita - C House
Dream Theater - Beyond This Life PLUS
Rage - The Beggars Last Dime PLUS
Saosin - Voices
ENCORE. Rush - Xanadu

TIER 8 - Polyrhythm Mania : MF

Testament - Perilous Nation PLUS
No Regrets - Best For Me PLUS
Dark Tranquility - The Grandest Accusation
Opeth - Reverie-Harlequin Forest
Incubus - A Certain Shade of Green
The Mars Volta - Cotopaxi
NOFX - 100 Times F***eder
ENCORE. Tool - Lateralus

TIER 9 - Fast Fills : MF

Rush - Anthem
Pagans Mind - Gods Equation PLUS / chanson corrigé
Primus - Tommy the Cat
Evergrey - Solitude Within PLUS
Green Jelly - Cereal Killer
Kamelot - Descent of the Archangel
Vadrum meets the Barber of Saville
ENCORE. Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons

TIER 10 - Bombastic Beats : MF

The Mercury Program - Backseat Blackout
Iron Maiden - El Dorado
Rise Against - Making Christmas
Avenged Sevenfold - Natural Born Killer PLUS
Oceansize - Massive Bereavement
Sabaton - Aces in Exile PLUS
Underoath - Moving For The Sake Of Motion PLUS
ENCORE. The Ocean - Firmament PLUS

TIER 11 - Slamming Sticks : MF

Opeth - The Grand Conjuration
Iron Maiden - Out of the Silent Planet
So Many Dynamos - Inventing Gears
Arch Enemy - Vultures PLUS
Enchant - Interact
Haste The Day - The Un-Manifest PLUS
Avenged Sevenfold - Danger Line PLUS
ENCORE. Opeth - The Lotus Eater

TIER 12 - Power Drumming : MF

Edward Kim - Tik Tok (Ke$ha Cover) feat. Sean Dusoe PLUS
El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Half Kleptos
Gorod - Blackout
Frank Zappa - The Black Page Drum Solo - Black Page #1
Protest The Hero - Palms Read PLUS
Sonic Youth - 'Cross the Breeze
In this moment - Daddys Fallen Angel PLUS
ENCORE. Scale The Summit - Age Of The Tide PLUS

TIER 13 - Blast Beats : MF

Slayer - Behind the Crooked Cross PLUS
Animals As Leaders - The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing PLUS
Dream Theater - Dark Eternal Night
Mute Math - Reset
Tool - Aenima PLUS
August Burns Red - Thirty and Seven PLUS
Gavin Harrison - Slippin' Away
ENCORE. Chimaira - Six PLUS

TIER 14 - Drum Deities

Mastodon - March of the Fire Ants
Mouse on the Keys - Spectres De Mouse
Buddy Rich - West Side Story
The Mars Volta - Goliath
Zach Hill - Dark Art
Rush - De Slagwerker (live)
ENCORE. Jean-Luc Ponty - The Struggle of the Turtle to the Sea (All parts)

This or the Apocalypse - Lamnidae PLUS
The Agonist - The Tempest (The Siren's Song; The Banshee's Cry) PLUS
Converge - Dark Horse PLUS
Dragonforce - Disciples of Babylon PLUS
The Black Dalhia Murder - Black Valor PLUS
Mike Glozier - IDM Mix
ENCORE. Hella - Biblical Violence
FINAL ENCORE. Obscura - Anticosmic Overload PLUS

Miranda Cosgrove - Leave It All To Me (Theme From iCarly) - Leave It All To Me
The Skate Party - The Cheat Theme Song
The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton
Venetian Snares - Hand Throw

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Re: Drum Project 2!

Message par takeshisan le Lun 20 Sep - 22:36

rajout du lien MU pour faire le mode carriere
il y a eu une erreur dans les .ini des liens MF qui empêche de débloquer les autres tiers Wink
ce qui n'empêche pas de jouer en partie rapide
Jurgen's Rival
Jurgen's Rival

Nombre de messages : 1871
Age : 36
Localisation : juan les pins / Côte d'Azur
Date d'inscription : 30/03/2010

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